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2019 Promos

2020 Promos

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The original May/June 2019 d.lab promo video

This one is truly something. You can see at the time, it was very bare-bones, and we had just finished building the actual campus.

Not much more was there, but little did we know how it'd grow in the coming months.



The October 2019 d.lab promo video, "What's New"

We kicked off the 2019-2020 year excitedly, with the construction of Oracle.


The d.craft Community Meeting Announcement Trailer

The video that started it all.

The weekend after this hit, we welcomed the school during d.craft launch night, and in the next couple weeks we'd amass over 1/4 of d.tech students in-game.

It's been a crazy and humbling ride so far, and we're keeping it going. :)



May/June 2020 d.craft promo, "Stats, What's New, and THANK YOU!"

In this promo video, released prior to d.lab, we wanted to commend the team for the incredible work done in adapting, and the community for the wild support. We also hype up what's to come shortly after. 😎

d.craft grad hype "promo"

This one doesn't really count as one of our full promos, but it was nonetheless presented on KoiStream to hype up d.craft Graduation.

d.craft grad promo-v2.mp4

See below promo

d.craft grad night promo

As part of d.craft Graduation, we made this promo to highlight the events for the night.

d.craft Graduation Class of 2020

This is our stream from d.craft grad, which contains the events promo video, speeches, and more!


Stay tuned for more promo videos as updates are released!

In the meantime, check out our Spotify playlist with all (most—some aren't on Spotify) the songs we've used in the promo videos!



Note: we're in the process of collecting more!



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