Since May 2019, through both our past d.labs, and d.craft-hosted events (such as graduation — include link here for assets), d.craft has been successful in unifying the community. From our launches which engaged over 1/3 of the student body, to our welcoming Discord server, our purpose is to break boundaries, unify cliques, and create a better online experience for everyone at The d.craft team is focused on creativity and innovation — now more than ever, as we seek to relaunch. With years of d.lab experience, we know that a dedicated space to focus on the project enables greater creative potential. Ultimately, we believe that d.craft can and will continue to bring our community together on a platform students know, understand, and can relate to.


In the theme and spirit of self-directed d.lab, we propose d.craft continue in its two-week structure, in the form of an exploration during Intersession.

→ Pros of a team-based exploration (as opposed to open enrollment):

Foci & Plans

Right now, d.craft is in the middle of a relaunch — our last major event was our Winter seasonal map for New Year's, and new content has been stagnant since the graduation of the Class of 2021 (founders of d.craft). To continue their legacy, we've outlined the following:

<aside> 🌟 d.craft relaunches before February (ideal)


Primary goal of activity and outreach:

<aside> 🗓️ d.craft relaunches after February (unlikely)


Primary goal of relaunching:

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