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Read the initial announcement of d.craft grad, from Friday, May 22, 2020!

Check out the awesome team behind this!

d.craft Changelog 2020–2021

Keep up-to-date with our changelog, geared towards grad content in the coming weeks!

⚡️ Summary

d.craft is hosting a graduation, so that we can connect socially beyond the realm of what other schools are doing, over Zoom and whatnot. We want to acknowledge that we are very fortunate as a school and team to be able to have this social aspect, when many school districts in the country don't have any form of online learning in the first place.

We want to have the night be open to the whole community—not just seniors—in celebration of the class of 2020, and our collective dedication to making the world a better place. The team and I are honored and prepared to step up and put on a show. :)

—‣, team lead

⚙️ Structure of the night

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